A Tale Of Two Cities Vocab - Amanda Henkle

Visage: The face, most commonly in reference to the shape or appearance

He had a very unique and attractive visage; one that would leave a lasting impression on all he encountered.

Aquiline: hooked or shaped like an eagle's beak

The man who just past by looked strangely like my father, although this man's nose was aquiline in structure while my father's is upturned.

Coquetry: the act of flirtation

Abigail was the master of coquetry, she often used this art to get out of sticky situations.

Sagacity: acuteness of judgement and understanding

The tribe leader was well liked and was well respected for his sagacity and fairness.

Directress: a woman in charge of governing affairs

While mother was away, the children were often looked after by the ever-strict directress that their parents sought fit to employ.

Prattling: babbling, talking in a simple-minded way

The house was never quiet with the young child's constant prattling which brightened the dull moments.

Execrations: a curse

While all were yelling in the chaos, Marabell sat murmuring execrations under her breath, as if to ward off the hostilities.

Inundation: to flood or overwhelm

The low elevation houses are under constant threat of inundation, and many hoped rainfall would be lite this year.

Fervent: displaying great intensity and emotion

The ten year anniversary was fill with fervent memories as all the citizens remembered the attack.

Guineas: form of currency in England

The poor beggar set to the streets, with his can, hoping the passing masses would be kind enough to drop a guinea or two.

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