Let Girls Learn

Let Girls Learn is a program that President Obama, Michelle Obama, the USAID, and The Peace Corps are involved with. What each organization does is help girls from different countries get an education.This program is worldwide, in countries such as Albania, Benin, Burkina Faso, Cambodia, Georgia etc. This was started on March 17, 2015. They've decided to start this program because Rice said" we cannot allow these challenges to rob generations of young women of their future". So far The Peace Corps had gained over 7,000 volunteers to help the other countries. Also the USAID provided 35 million textbooks to the countries young girls.


"Every child is precious. Every girl is precious. Every girl deserves an education"-President Barack Obama

Action Plan: To get involved with the Let Girls Learn movement is to raise awareness on Twitter by sharing the link. Also you can help by donating to girls at United Nations Millennium. All you have to do in click on get involved and and donate to help a girl. Everything to help these girls is a simple click. Your click can make a difference.

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