Flipped and Blended Learning Resources

Session Objectives:

  • To understand the advantages of flipped and blended learning, and the difference between a flipped and traditional classroom.
  • Find and explore resources available for flipping your classroom.
  • Create a flipped lesson based on current coursework / skills / standards

Watch the following two videos and answer the questions on your copy of the notes sheet:

Flipped Classroom Outline:
1. Students watch an instructional video the night before class.
2. Give a formative assessment at the beginning of class.
3. Homework becomes class work / projects / discussion so students have the teacher present to answer questions during their application of the lesson.
4. End class with another formative or summative assessment.

Before you create your own flipped Lesson, here are some examples:





Design one flipped lesson: Create or find a video, create the guiding questions to go with it, and build a follow up activity for the next day. Use your OneDrive.

Video Lesson Databases

Video Creation Tool


Download the Office Mix for PPT Add-In to easily create flipped content for your classroom.
Student Example
Teacher Example

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