The Onion

Haleigh Yontz

Format of the Onion

News Satire

The onion is infotainment. It is information based media and entertainment. Its effort is to enhance popularity with the audiences.

The onion does both political points of views and entertainment and social. The website is mostly Partisan with some political point of views.

The characteristics used in the Onion are double meaning, exaggeration, and innuendo.

The target of the satire used is various people. One example is a video of a man that has created a maze for his girlfriend on valentine's day and this audience is girls who wish for this kind of attention and effort.

"Mother's Day Weirdo"

This is a example of incongruity satire. It shows how this guy spent all of Mother's Day at a cemetery. The guy is out of place to be at a grave on Mother's Day instead of with his mother.

"God Realizes He Forgot To Put Souls In Humans"

This article talks about God admitting he "forgot" to put souls in humans. This satire is using exaggeration and parody. It exaggerates how God "forgot" the souls and how he rested on the seventh day. It also using parody because it imitates how God is the creator but made a "mistake" kind of making fun of it.

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