For advice I think people should always look at they problem as if it could get worse, well some stuff is bad but thing are only bad for a short period of time, and the last thing is that there's always something that could cheer you up. Well you can find this by fr

I am grateful for -

1) I am grateful for being able to be in contact with my God, family, and friends, etc.

2) I am thankful for most of my coaches and helper for helping me try to accomplish my dreams.

3) I'm thankful for being able to eat everyday to help my body maintain its needs.

4) Also I am thankful for being able to get an education and help with trying to understand the outside world.

5) And I think also I'm thankful for my career high school to help add on with my dream of being some type of professional athlete

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3 years ago

A lovely gratitude list, Shawn. Make sure you finish your advice - let me know when you do so I can adjust your credit. Happy New Year!

3 years ago

That last sentence in the first paragraph is incomplete….