Move to Cuzco!

If you love big cities that use the newest of technology, then moving to Cuzco would be perfect for you! Cuzco is the capital city of the Inca Empire, and it has a magnificent view! There are many other things anyone would love about Cuzco, including the temples, the long and paved roads, and the festivals that they have!

Where is it?

Cuzco is hidden in the Andes mountains. It is 11,100 feet above the ground, so if you're a person who loves heights, you'll love Cuzco!

Who lives there?

Only nobles live in Cuzco, since it is the most luxurious city you could possibly find. The only people other than the rich who live there are the servants of the rich. Doesn't that sound nice? So, if you have a lot of money and you are a noble, and you happen to find Cuzco hidden in the Andes mountains, then you'll be welcome in Cuzco!

what do you do?

In  Cuzco you would live in an Ayllu-- a group of people, or clan, who are related to each other. The government would loan you land to live on and to farm on. It would be your responsibility to take care of this communal land by growing crops and producing goods from it. Trust me, the hard work is worth the amazing city.

If you are planning on having a child in the future, this next information will be important to you. Young children perform simple tasks around your house, and as they grew older they would do harder tasks. Girls will do things like taking care of babies, fetching water, cooking, making clothes, and learning to weave. Boys look after the animals and help in the fields. Your children will not receive education, but they will learn valuable skills they need. If you would prefer your sons to receive education, you are welcome to higher a tutor to teach him things like religion, geometry, history, military strategy, and more! Your kids will strongly appreciate this-- so you definitely should move here!

Young men and women remain home until they get married, and they will probably only marry one person. Girls usually get married at 16, and boys will marry around their early 20s. Once they're married, they will establish their own home.

If you are a fan of extravagant meals, like guinea pigs for example, you'd love it here in Cuzco! Guinea pigs are our culture's specialty!