The Life of a Star...

Hook 1: As students come into the classroom, they will see a question posted on the board..."What's so great about our Sun, anyway?" They must write a short paragraph about what they know about the Sun.

Hook 2: Students will watch a short video:, comparing sizes of objects in our universe and write 2-3 sentences about what they learned.

Hook 2: Students will reflect on other life cycles that they know. They will create a comic strip using 4-5 frames depicting that life cycle.

Hook 3: Students will watch two short videos about the Life Cycle of a Star-Brain Pop-The Life Cycle of a Star and

Hook 4: Students will be split into two groups. Each student will choose a stage of a star from bag of folded terms. They will create a physical flow chart of the life cycle of a star.

Hook 5: Students will view and interpret an HR Diagram.

Hook 6: The teacher will have created an HR Diagram on the floor in the hall, including labeled axis. Students will create a human HR Diagram using chosen terms from a bag by plotting themselves, according to their type of star on the floor chart.

Hook 7: Students will create a family tree HR Diagram substituting family members for stars at different stages of their lives and plot them on the HR Diagram.

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