Lord Montague,
A 5-Day Life Story, Act 3


My son, MY SON ROMEO!!!! ROMEO COME BACK!!!! A catastrophe has struck my family, Romeo has been banished!!! According to Benvolio, Mercucio had a fight with Tybult, blast that churlish idle-headed clotpole, I knew he would bring trouble around my son. With no surprise, Tybult won that fight; Although he might be a roughish rump-fed Capulet, you have to admit that he is quite the fighter. Anyway, the more shocking thing is that my Romeo was acting like a spongy swag-bellied wuss. He was trying to step away from a fight with Tybult, and that was why Mercucio had fought instead with Tybult. After Mercucio died, Romeo finally stepped up to find Tybult and brought him down to justice. Good man. However, those lousy air-headed Capulets said that Romeo should be brought down to justice for killing Tybult! Those Capulets surely have no brains in their heads. Can't they see that justice already has been served when Romeo killed Tybult? What I believe should have happened was that all the Capulets should have been banished for justice, but instead my dear Romeo was banished!! Although I understand Romeo is not that great of a boy, he still is a Montague! He deserves a place in Verona. Where is that boy now? Is he even safe?