Heroic Children

Comparing and contrasting articles during a hurricane

Here's a picture of Deavonte,Matt,and Ariel!!!

We will have an event planned for the kids who survived the  hurricane.This program will be on June 14th 2013-June 15th.This event will help the kids feel like they were a hero and they will be able to talk to one another.They will come out in stay in a hotel with a big outdoor pool. We will have food and sodas like pizza, chips,hotdogs, dr pepper,sprite,and lots more.

Here's a picture of the hotel with the outdoor pool.!!!!!!!!! Enjoy yourself!!

The articles are the same because they are all heroes and the setting was in Rockaway,NY.The articles are different because of their ages Matt is 17, Ariel is 14, and Deavo nte is 6 years old. Matt saves a grandmother, a mom, and two dogs, While Ariel creates a program to help donate things to the children that was in the hurricane, and Deavonte took care of little kids.

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