Water + Soda Ash

By Ryan Carroll and Abhijit Dewkar

Graph of Experiment

When water and soda ash are mixed, the temperature increases. Therefore this reaction is an exothermic reaction because energy has been released. The temperature went from 18.1 degrees C. to 23.6.

Balanced Equation

                                           2H2O + Na2CO3 --> 2NaOH + H2CO3

Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sodium, and Carbon is mixed equals Sodium, Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Carbon.

Reactants:                                                                                               Products:

4 H                                                                                                       4 H

2 Na                                                                                                     2 Na

2 O                                                                                                       2 O

1 C                                                                                                        

Water + Soda Ash Part 1

Water + Soda Ash Part 2

Evidence of Chemical Reaction

First it was clear water then it became none see through.

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