High School Observation

Trinity Academy -  April 29, 2015 & May , 2015 / Mr. Warner, Math.

1. Teaching and Learning Environment

Private School  /  Relaxed & Laid Back  /  Enjoyable

2. Student- Teacher and Student-Student Interactions

Again, relaxed. The teacher often let the students talk amongst themselves as long as they were getting the work done. There were a couple of times that the younger students were not paying attention at all, and I thought it should be addressed. Students wise, I really didn't observe any students treating each other poorly. They seemed to get along well, and everyone participated. Being a private school though, I think a lot of them come from relatively the same socioeconomic background.

3. School Atmosphere

High class is how I would describe it. Everyone was clean cut and in uniform. It is not the environment that would say I best fit in, but it was nice.

4. Other Notes

I did enjoy being able to observe in a class that was freshman and sophomores, followed by a class that was juniors and seniors.
Another thing I like was being able to see them prepare for Finals. I like being able to see the diversity of the students. The seniors who didn't care because they were almost out of there anyway, and the Freshman who were trying really hard because it was their first high school final.

5. Butler Letter

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