My Career

By: Anastasia Blalock


paramedics get the initials EMT-P and EMT-4

paramedics have to make sure the person is okay and not so badly injured that they need to be life-lighted to a hospital.

tools are very important so paramedics/EMT s can help in getting the proper medicine to the patient.   

An Anthem most EMT s actually basically go with

paramedics check for a pulse no matter if they can because they may have a very faint pulse and be able to be saved.

EMT s always are there when you need them as quickly as they can be no matter the severity from last string of life to just not sure about a stomach pain.

blood pressure is checked because that may be the reason for dizzy spells, and other things

Dr. Jonathan Letterman devised a system during the american Civil War, veterans put those techniques to use after the war which created the ambulance system, creating what job paramedics do.

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