Ozzy Osbourne

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class

Born in 1948

He is still alive

Significant events in history

  1. He went to prison
  2. Him and his friends forming black sabbath
  3. Getting married to his first wife Thelma
  4. Him getting fired from black sabbath
  5. Going on a solo career with his 2nd wife Sharon
Ozzy and Sharon

Ozzy's Childhood

Ozzy and his family were very poor and people picked on him at school. at the age of 15 Ozzy dropped out of school and by the age 18 he was locked up in prison for three months. Then after he got out of prison he went from factory to factory getting hired and fired.

People who influenced his life

  1. Sharon Osbourne
  2. Thelma Osbourne
  3. His mom
  4. His dad
  5. Randy Rhoads
Ozzy and Randy Rhoads

Unique Facts

  1. He was a heavy drinker for about 40 years.
  2. Ozzy was in a band that sold hundreds of millions of albums.
  3. By his 18th birthday he was locked up in winson green for burglary.
  4. Ozzy was a huge drug addict.
  5. He dropped out of school at the age of 15


  1. Reaching the amount of fame he has today.
  2. Getting the number one song in England (changes featuring his daughter Kelly).
  3. Making it solo after losing everything.
  4. Black Sabbath going gold.
  5. He has become a multi-millionaire


The theme of ozzy's life is that even though life gets you down you need to pick yourself back up.

Words of Advice

  • "Just get out of bed every morning and don't drink and don't take drugs" this advice has taught me not to drink or do drugs because they can ruin your life.
  • "The alcohol and drugs you take can definitely make things worse" this has taught me that when you take drugs it will affect your life later in life.
  • "you need to be taught a lesson" this has taught me that when you do something wrong you need to be punished.

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