Pegasus and Bellaraphon


Bellaraphon wanted to have Pegasus, a marvelous fly horse, more than anything in the world. Pegasus was born from the Gordon's blood after Perseus killed her. Bellaraphon was advised to go to Athena's temple and sleep there in hope of having Pegasus. He went and fell asleep next to the altar. When he woke there was a bridle made of gold that was used to tame Pegasus.

Bellaraphon went to Lycia to find the people are very sad. Each night the Chimera came down to there land and took carry people and animals away making everyone constantly scared. Bellaraphon wanted to destroy the monster, so he flew with Pegasus to the Chimera's lair. He went to get a block of lead which he put on his spear. He put his spear near the Chimera's mouth which melted the lead making it melt. It melted down the Chimera's throat which blocked the air passage making it die of suffocation.


It was said that whenever Zeus wanted a lightning bolt Pegasus would give them to him.