Matthew Soldier - Young Leaders

Matthew Soldier is a young entrepreneur who harbors ambitions of becoming a leading light in the community on matters relating to financial freedom and business. He is someone who can interact easily with others, and has used these skills to scout potential and provide insights where he can. Even though he is just 22 years old, Soldier already understands that entrepreneurs require leadership skills in order to succeed.

Part of being a good leader requires that you show commitment to the goal you wish to achieve. Commitment and passion to the goal are conscious decisions that go a long way in motivating you to be the best, says Matthew Soldier. Like most worthy endeavors, entrepreneurship will require you to be headstrong and confident, qualities that good leaders possess.

Alongside being committed and passionate about your goals, Matthew Soldier knows that leaders accept the feedback they get from peers, colleagues, employees, and clients in order to improve. No one is perfect, he acknowledges. Good leaders are willing to accept feedback/correction and act on it. In many cases, they even seek feedback.

As Matthew Soldier knows, the road to becoming a successful entrepreneur is fraught with numerous challenges and adversity. Even the best laid plans sometimes go awry, he says. When unforeseen situations occur, entrepreneurs should focus on learning from the challenges and moving on. Embrace adversity, learn from it and move on. Wise leaders believe that tough situations make them better entrepreneurs.

Tough situations don’t last, he says, but tough people do.

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