Tony's Magic Door

If I had a magic door it would take me to somewhere in the world. It can be the city or in the Amazon Rainforest or the United States of America, the possibilities are endless. I would like to go back to my home town to visit my family. The good thing is that I don’t have to buy tickets that costs so much money.

The door will be a normal household door, the same handle and the same type, nothing different at all. It is a normal door because when friends go to your house they won’t get suspicious but if you have another type of door, they will ask you if they can go in. It is also safer to be a normal door because when robbers come in, they would see that door and they will go in without even thinking.

When you go in, you can see a sofa, a fridge, a bed, a microwave and a TV. This is to keep you entertained. The trips are long so it will be a pain if there is only a chair. The fridge is stocked with unlimited supplies so if you take out a packet of chips, you might want to microwave it first before you have it. The sofa is good because you can sit on it and relax while you watch the television. The TV is important because if you were bored in the room what will you do? That is why a telly is really good to put in that room. A microwave is just perfect for hotting up a sausage roll or it could be other thing.

When you walk in you will see a big red button and beside it would be a dashboard. Press the red button and it will be misty for a few seconds and it will tell you where your destination will be on a dashboard and how long would it be to get there. The average time you stay in there is two hours so don’t forget to get your phone charger just in case. When you arrive at your destination, you walk out of the door and then you turn around… there is nothing! If you want to go back home, go to where you saw it the last time and say I want to go back home, the door will reappear. Strange, isn’t it?

I would really like a magic door because you get free flights so you don’t spend a fortune on the flights. Also it could be really fun and it would be an adventurous thing. That is the points that what a magic door can do (if it is real).

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