Young Entrepreneur: How to Develop the Soft Skills of the Successful Entrepreneur.

Olivia Bleker

In this article Lindsay Broder explains that instead of focusing on learning the "hard" skills, focus on learning the "soft" skills. Hard skills are skills that are taught in classrooms or on the job, and are available for anyone to learn them. She thinks we are focusing on the wrong skills and rather thinking how to learn them, we must think what to learn. The skills she thinks are necessary to be successful are internal skills that people can awake and make stronger. Some of these include drive and ambition, although everyone has those two things, not everyone uses them to their advantage. Another "soft" skill she lists is the temperament to deal with adversity; she says that it is very important to stay positive and remain calm when times get hard. The ability to accept change is another skill she lists. Change will occur in every Entrepreneurs life and the ability to evolve with it is something that is necessary to have in order to be successful. Although these skills may be more difficult to learn, they will be of great help in the world of entrepreneurship.

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