5 picture story

Story by Kayla photos by folder 2

There I was sitting in my house on a Saturday afternoon, all alone. My parents left this morning at 7 for a meeting, that I wasn’t aloud to go too. I have been sitting in the living room since I woke up, watching Netflix. It’s starting to get boring when no one else is here to join. There isn’t much else to do because I have been waiting for the rain to stop for the last two hours! All I wanted to do was go outside and play.

Finally the rain had stopped! My mom and dad weren’t home yet so I dug out my rain boots and ran outside. There isn’t much to do by your self, but it beats being inside any day. I have been walking around the house, puddle jumpin’ and having some fun. Until, I spotted some footprints coming towards my house in my woods. I am starting to get scared because I don’t think anyone lives in that old haunted house back there.

The footprints aren’t that big, so it can’t be anyone too much larger than me. I am really curious to see why they are here, so I ran back to the house and got some running shoes on. Walking back into the woods, I am seeing more and more of the same footprints. A lot of adrenaline is running right now. Why is someone back in my woods? What if they are still out here? What if they kidnap me?

In the corner of my eye, I saw someone with beautiful eyes. I have seen those eyes before but where? I turned and looked. It was the new guy that moved here from Montana! That guy is a grade above me, but he is way out of my league. “Hey! You are Tiffany, right?”

I started to stutter and didn’t know what to say. “uhh ya that’s me! And you are.. Matt?”

“Yes, sorry I didn’t mean to scare you. My family bought the old house back here. I saw you outside earlier and was going to stop by! I saw you had a basketball, do you want to go play?”

So much was running through my mind. Did Matt actually want to hang out with me? Why?

There I was again, still in shock he wants to play. “Ya we could do that! There might be some competition though because I am pretty good. Haha”

“Oh, its on! I may have played a few times in my days.”

We ended up playing basketball for over two hours! I couldn’t believe it, but it was so much fun! My parents got home and saw us playing. They hadn’t met him yet so they were being weird, trying to embarrass me! I hate when they do that. After a half hour of nonstop questions, they let us be and he ended up staying until 11:30. We started hanging out every day and soon started dating. My parents fell in love with him just like I did.

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