The Wampanoag
Lindsey Marie Sims :)

By the 1620's, every English child had grown up hearing stories of Jamestown and the savage Indians who ate human flesh. Many people didn't want to go to the new world because of this. When the pilgrims arrived in Massachusetts in 1620, they were expecting a world full of angry wild men, and savage beasts. However, in the native culture gifts were always exchanged. The Wampanoag need to get allies against their enemies, the Narragansett. Massasoit was a great friend and person but they could never have a normal conversation. They always had to use " awkward hand signals". Squanto traveled to Europe after being kidnapped by an English fisherman sold into slavery in Spain. A monk helped Squanto return home. He taught the pilgrims how to farm using native techniques including fish as fertilizers. In 1636, the murderer of the Boston merchant led to war with the powerful Pequot tribe was accused ( wrongfully ) of committing the crime.


By the end of the war, half of the native Americans in new England had either been killed or had fled west.