The Holocaust

By Jillian Lavely and Aimee Dalsimer

The Holocaust was the genocide of millions of Jews. This event took place leading up to and during World War II and resulted in the death of six million Jews. A genocide is when you kill a large group or culture of people. Hitler decided to kill off all the Jews and put them in concentration camps. The Holocaust was a horrible tragedy in our history and will hopefully never be equaled by an event.

Leading up to The Holocaust.....

Nuremberg Laws- laws saying Jews were not citizens and preventing them from marriage, political rights, and sexual relations with "pure" Germans

Discrimination- before the Holocaust Jews were already discriminated against; many lived in Jewish communities and were separate from other Germans

Kristallnacht (The Night of Broken Glass)- the night of broken glass is a series of violent raids on Jewish shops and houses that resulted in destruction and demolition; the raids took place over September 9th and 10th, 1938

During the Holocaust.....

Labor Camps (Concentration Camps)- a camp where the Jews were trapped and put through harsh treatment and eventually put to death

Some of the main concentration camps:

        Auschwitz-Birkenau- Poland

        Plaszow- Poland

        Neuengamme- Germany

        Buchenwald- Germany

Conditions at Labor Camps- in concentration camps the prisoners were put to work based on their ranking; the lower prisoners were given manual labor while higher ones were given simpler tasks

Methods people were killed during the Holocaust:

         Shooting- over one million Jews were shot during the Holocaust

         Gas Chambers- people were put in an enclosed room and poisonous gases were released in the air

         Overwork, Starvation, and Disease- many people died because of exhaustion or malnutrition while the poor and dirty living conditions cultivated many diseases

         Scientific Experiments- doctors performed multiple science experiments on prisoners (examples include hypothermia tests, disease and infection tests, and tests on twins); Dr. Josef Mengele was a famous doctor in the camps and performed many of these experiments on concentration camp prisoners

"Saved" People- the weak people who could not perform physical labor or help control the prisoners were killed first and people who violated rules were killed without hesitation; those saved included strong able bodied workers or powerful people who were willing to help regulate camp rules and keep order

Effects of the Holocaust.......

Death Tolls- throughout the Holocaust there were many different groups of people murdered; the Jews were only one huge group that was slain

There were many more people than this list killed but here are some of the atrocious numbers killed during the Holocaust:

          Jews- between 5 and 6 million people

          Soviet Prisoners of War- about 3 million people

          Soviet Civilians- around 2 million people

          Polish Civilians- near one million people

          Yugoslav Civilians- about one million people

Pile of shoes from the victims in one concentration camp.

The Dirty War

The Dirty War was a genocide in Argentina that took place after a military dictatorship took power. The War took place from 1974 to 1983 and was between the military dictators and the suspected rebels. The government believed certain people were opposing them and therefore decided to rid the country of these people. Many of the people killed were later exposed to have been innocent. The government went crazy with power and killed between 10,000 and 30,000 civilians. Lots of them “disappeared” and were never heard from again. Many children were taken by the military to be raised “in accordance with the new government beliefs” and their parents never saw them again.

Mothers of the missing children protesting for their kids' return.