The Moon's Importance

By Caleb Archer

The Moon

Most of us know the moon is the big thing in the sky at night, that reflects light from the sun. But, what does it do for us?

The moon causes tides. There are neap tides, spring tides, high tides, and low tides. High and low tides are when tides are high or low. Spring and neap tides are when there are high or low differences between the high and low tides. Tides are caused by the difference in gravity pulled from the moon and the sun. The periodic rise and fall of the level of water in the ocean. Tides effect us, like if there was a boat it could be lower than it was yesterday. Tides are important!

The moon cause eclipses. There are total solar eclipses and total lunar eclipses. Total solar is when the moon is blocking the sun from earth. Total lunar is when the earth is blocking the sun from the moon. An eclipse is the blocking of one object in space by another. These happen when the sun moon and earth are aligned. If eclipses didn't exist there would not be a shadow coming down on earth each time they lined up. Eclipses are important.

The moon also has phases. These are different figures of light reflected on the moon at night. There are 8 different phases. They happen in this order; new moon, waxing crescent, 1st quarter, waxing gibbous, full moon, 3rd quarter, and waning crescent. Phases are caused by the revolution of the moon. If you were outside at night and had no light you would be able to see if thee were a full moon. Phases are important.

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