Israeli Palestinian

The Basics

The religious conflict that I research was Israeli Palestinian. The two major religion involved in this conflict are Jewish and Christian. The conflict took place in Israeli. The population breakdown for the jewish in the united states is 5,425,000 and in Israeli it is 5,901.100. Jews and Christians are the dominant religions in Israeli because they are using there beliefs to make peace and they are fighting over there land.

similar & others

Jewish and Christians are similar because they both believe in one god.

They are different thought because they do not agree on everything example like the land.

The conflict began over land. One religion says to the other that they have took there land and they feel discriminated (Jews) This is what is causing tension between the two groups in Israeli. They have tried making peace between them but there beliefs keep getting in the way of that also the religion of Muslims tries coming into the conflict to help the two make peace. This conflict is likely to continue .. and might bring other religions into it.

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