Isn't it something, that people called "Crush" (?)

The Fall Concert

Last week, is our big fall concert. I'm in choir. So, want it or not, I involved in it.

I came a little bit late from the call time which is 6.15 pm. I'm too busy eating pizza. Believe it or not. I spent an hour eating mushroom-beef-chicken-jalapeno-and cheese pizza and almost forget my concert.

I dressed up simply. Nothing too much. Nothing too good.

Just a navy-blue skirt with a little flower in it and a simple white blouse with also a little blue and pink flower at the top of it. And of course, a black shoes. As anyone's mandatory for the concert.

Anyone dressed up so adorable. I walked in the hallway a little hurry and unfortunately, I almost fell down because of this stupid heels that I didn't know how to use.

"GOSH! Not now!" I whispered to myself while still, walking in hurry.

Believe it or not, I really like to see a guy - in general- dressed up.

Long-black pants, an appropriate shirt,  a suit and a tie. Perfect!

That night, everyone dressed up perfectly. And dang! I saw him there. He was rolling his eyes anxiously to something that I don't know. And she came to me.

I don't wanna tell someone that in that moment, right before he started to talk. I didn't feel my own heart.

"I got a wrong shirt. It's not a long shirt."

"Stupid. You are so stupid!" I yelled to him, quietly.

"You should change." Stupid word. But, that's just the word that I can think in that moment. So creepy if I remember that moment again. It's like when you really want to tell someone but anything just stuck in your throat. Don't wanna come out.

And I don't know what happened, he was leaving and at the next minute he came with another shirt and suit which is the best suit that I've ever see as a man wearing.

Oh Gosh I just wanna stop that moment. If I can.

Literally I was fascinated. And he just came to me and talk with his awkward style a lot of classical thing.

He showed me a classical piece by Rachmaninoff and it was just that amazing. He remind me, that yesterday he was playing the same piece at the choir room.

Gosh! For a thousand times, I should said. That guy, that creature, just amazed me just the way he is. That crazy laugh, freak little act every time he listen to a classical piece, that strange face every time he started to talk excitedly about something unusual.


I don't know what to do except keep it secret. Echoing in my heart. Echoing his name.

Nov 11, 2014

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