Paul Panaikas Has Successfully Completed Human Resources Specialist SLC Phase 2 Course

Paul Panaikas is a committed Resilience Coordinator who has been serving Joint Force Headquarters for the last 4 years. He promotes Resilience and Risk Reduction to aid soldiers, their families along with units reducing suicides and risky behaviors. Recently, he has successfully finished Human Resources Specialist SLC Phase 2 course CLS 011-14 July 2014. He has completed the 42A40 Phase II program with a grade point average of 97.50%. Paul displayed outstanding Non-commissioned Officer qualities, not only inside, but outside the classroom, as well. He maintained high professionalism and standards throughout the course.

Paul Panaikas displayed appreciable leadership as well as communication skills that helped in the successful completion of the group's mission. During the course, he was an outstanding team player who illustrated a “can do” spirit to inspire his peers that uplifted the morale of the class. He also displayed the capabilities to fast grasp all the written as well as oral material with completing the course in a dignified manner. In addition to this, Paul was a top ranked team player who sacrificed his own time to assist fellow students during the program. His positive attitude and selfless service assisted him gain recognition for the Commandants List. His knowledge and skills demonstrate that he has the potential to be an army leader.

Besides, his professional life, Paul Panaikas has participated in many running events. On October 16, 2011, he took part in Readers Become Leaders 5k-Run that was organized in Wareham, MA. He was ranked 4th among runners in his age group. On June 16, 2013 he also participated in 19th Annual Father's Day Road Race & Walk 5K/ 10K that was held in Easton, MA. He received 3rd ranking among the male runners within his age group.

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