F.N Sports Academy HighSchool

  •    My school is a athletic sports school and it is 8 months long per each year (September to Beginning of May). The classes my school would have is Basketball,Baseball,Football,Tennis,Lacrosse,Hockey,Soccer Swimming Track Field and Lacrosse, We will be catered by different companies everyday like: Nucci's, Nonna's Subway and Ralph's Ices.
  • Our school will be located Shasta, California so that we have a lot of room for the sports fields and we will provide transportation for kids that live far and do not have a ride. Our school will include grades from 8-12 boys and girls and will will have professional trainers for each particular sport. We will have a basketball court indoor/outdoor for Volleyball and Tennis, Hockey arena, a pool for competitive swimming and one big field for Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Track and field.
  • Every student will have 8 periods each-day.There classes will be Math, Reading/ELA, Science, Social Studies and Technology/Art.Each student will choose there sport(s) that the train and play for and each team has there own private gym and there will be an open gym that can be used to all students in the school at all hours. If there are any problems during the day or student failing it will be handled by first a warning and then followed up my a after school detention.
  • Our school is 30 acres and 15 acres will be used for sports and parking and the other 15 is for the actual school itself. Team practices will be held after school starting at 3:30 and individual training will be through out the school day. We will have a monthly test depending on what sport they play it and it will be a combination of what they learned that month or that semester.
  • This is an area that we will like to have our school set up because there's a lot of area for the the school and sports arena's. The weather is mediocre and perfect for sports.

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