Julie Dean

A short biography

Julie Dean

One of the main reasons why Julie Dean decided to be come an entrepreneur was because one of her daughters' was getting bullied in her school. This compelled her to make a new business of her own. She tried to speak to the school about it but they were not helping her so she decided to change the school for her daughters'.

Unfortunately, there was only one space but she couldn't handle both her children going to different schools. There was one school but it was a private school. Regardless the fact that there was two different options she still went for it but she had to pay for the school fees. In order to do this, she had to sell some products to make money, this led her to making satchels.

Within 3 nights, Dean made the website herself. She had £600 seed fund to start off with and with that it got her first 6 satchels. She told her children to wear them when they go school, she then took snapshots of them and sent them out to bloggers with a note saying why she is doing this and for who.

By this many people started to email her and wanted to buy these fascinating products. Google was aware of her story and came to speak to her about that she was selling these products in 120 countries due to that internet.

Recently she just completed a business deal with Mickey Mouse satchels. Despite all the trouble she had to go through to do this and the reason why she started to do this was mainly because she wanted to keep her family very happy.

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