Meat Evaluation

This poster was created to help you determine how to pick out the best meat from a grocery stores.

When searching for beef, you would want to look at many things. One of which would be color. You would want to look for a nice dark red color. Make sure it has no spots that look dark or black. That could be an example of a deformity. The next tip would be to make sure that it does not smell weird. If so, then it could be another example of a deformity. Also look for marbling. If it does not have any, you would not want to buy it. Make sure it has some, but not way too much. Make sure there is not alot of fat around the meat. The more the fat, the more it is unhealthy. Marbling is shown at the bottom.

Beef Grades:

Prime: The meat is from a well-fed cow and it contains enough fat and its sold in restaurants.

Choice: Less marbling but its still high quality.

Select: Less juicier because it doesn't contain much marbling.

Standard and Commercial: Poor quality

Utility, Cutter and Canner: Used to make processed foods because of the low quality.

When looking for good poultry, make sure it does not smell bad. That could be a deformity. Also, make sure organs ans the feet are removed. Look to see if the wing is crooked or not. If so, then it is more than likely a deformity. The best color to look for is white. Other colors are not great. Speaking of great, class A is the best class. Then comes class B, then C.

A: Sold in stores

B: Often not sold in stores.

C: Processed for other foods.

when judging swine, look for size. The thicker the better. Also the more juicy it is the better it is. Look for meat that is lean and smooth. This meat is probably the best one. The best color to look for is pink. Other colors be a sign of a deformity. The deformities also are singled in bad smell and the same as in the beef.

Swine Grades:

USDA No.1: Thicker Muscling

USDA No.2: Thick but not enough to be no 1

USDA No.3: Thin leaner meat.

USDA No.4: Usually not sold in stores because of quality.

USDA Utility: Poor quality meat.

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