Rory Gordon Propaganda of world War 1

In America propaganda either persuaded people to enlist in the military during that time, persuaded people to support the effort of help winning the war for the central powers by donating goods or weapons  to the armed forces, or just portraying the central powers as savages.

Wilson was the person who carried out the Government Agency who sold the war to the public. The agency produced films, posters, and books that promoted the war. That sent men into cities making speeches about supporting the ideas of the war. They sent items like tin cans and old tooth paste tubes. They recycled those items and made them into war items. Due to propaganda and drafting men the army grew from 200,000 men to 4 million men during the war. There was also some problems with propaganda. One was that employers became very anti German. This led to many German American workers to get fired due to suspicions of others of being on the German's side during the Great War even though the German Americans supported the war effort.

Uncle Sam, propaganda created during the Great War, is an iconic poster of him pointing his finger saying, "I want you for the U.S. Army." There were many other posters that persuaded eligible men and women to join the military. Others persuaded people to donate goods, or got people aroused about the war and the central powers.