Try Sarah's Technology Trick , Tip, or Tool #1

I am going to use tackk, a great tool to quickly publish tricks, tips or tools in one single page to quickly share with others.  This is your first tool.  You log in, create, and then publish.  It can be anything, a single story, a set of pictures from a trip, a recipe board, an assignment, what ever your interest is to share with others. 

You can share and create anything from anywhere, for FREE!

Use at school with your students, they can upload a photo and create....this creates a sense of ownership and can be used to create and extend our students thinking.

Book reports, autobiographies, current events, summaries of history, reflections, writing in all formats....the options are endless.

Private Settings    Use to Collaborate   Use in Edmodo    

Embed anything.... music, personal videos, links, maps!