Explore an issue presented in the documentary affecting contemporay society

How to almost kill yourself in 30 days
By Morgan Spurlock

Super Size Me by Morgan Spurlock presents are terrible dangerous issue affecting contemporary society. The excessive consumption of food is an issue that presented multiple times throughout the film. The documentary is about Morgan Spurlock who eats McDonald's for 30 days and shows the affect it does to the human body. Obesity is shown through the documentary from young children to adults.

Statistics show that 1 in 4 Americans are over weight. This statistics show that the consumption of food has hit a new level. More people every year are eating McDonalds which result in more people becoming over weight. During the documentary Morgan eats his first super sized meal at McDonalds and has a warm welcome. After 5 minutes Morgan describes he can feel the sugar rushing through his body. After 10 and 15 minutes Morgan is struggling to finish his meal. Repetition is used when Morgan uses "Mc" to describe how he is feeling. For example, "McSweat", " McTwitch" and "McCramps". After these words are said at the 20 minute mark, Morgan vomits all the super sized chips, half his drink and half his burger. People order super sized meals in American and the excessive consumption of food is ridiculous.  People are eating too much of McDonalds and the result of this is people are being over weight due the massive consumption of food.

Every year the consumption of food has increased by people eating McDonald's. In America McDonald stores are everywhere throughout the states. The increase of consumption of food is presented in the documentary which is a major problem affecting contemporary society,

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