Social industrial Revolution, for better or worse?

Urbanization was the cause of many people moving to the cities. Since many factories began to arise in the cities, many people moved to the cities so they could get a job and be closer to it. By 1850, cities have held more people that ever in world history due to Urbanization.

Living conditions were very futile. The living conditions decreased as skilled workers were not able to work on their own time anymore, but were forced to work on a time that did not work for them. Jobs the workers once loved doing, became something they hated doing, because they could no longer do it according to their liking.

The working conditions were terrible. The workers were often stuck in a cramped and stuffy. The machines were very often dangerous because the technology was still very new and they had a lot of bugs and fixtures to work out. Many injuries happened due to lack of safety precautions to adults and children. Children often worked in mines and factories to help earn money for their poor families.

Child labor laws were often unfair in the favor of the child. Children were paid 1/10th of what the adults were paid. Many children were killed or got extremely sick due to the conditions of the working environments.

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