My Egg Story
By: Tremonte S. Prince

Hi my name is Pro Dumpty.I am a very good athlete.I have a Talking dragon,cow,horse,car,and gigantic pitbull dog.I play football,basketball,and baseball,I ride my dragon fast to my friends house,I am a very good dragon rider.My dragon is very big.The next morning, my friend dared me to jump off a tall bridge into some dark water.When I jumped I went deep into the water but I could swim very good,so I got to the top very quickly.I made it safely to land.On Wednesday he dared me to jump off of a bridge onto land without a parachute.Of course I did it.This is how it happened my humpty dumpty jumped off a bridge and fell straight onto a huge rock and died.I am his son Michael Jordegg.The dog that he had is mine his name is king he is playful,nice,fun, loving,and protectfull. I do a lot of things like he did but when my friend dared me to jump off a bridge onto land so I said no because I do not want to die.My dad jumped of a bridge really fast.That is what happened to my Humpty Dumpty.

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