Photo Color Wheel

1. The yellow was by far the hardest to photograph because I didn't have my nice camera at the time that I wanted to photograph it and there aren't many "artistic" yellow things.

2. Yellow: a trophy, yellow-orange: a sunset, orange: a brick wall, red-orange: a rusty table, red: a children's swing, red-violet: a sea urchin at the Dubuque museum, violet: some violets, blue-violet: moss at the Dubuque museum, blue: an old car, blue-green: Kaylee's hair (this is an older photo, but the color was so perfect I couldn't pass it up), green: a mechanical pencil, and yellow-green: some leaves.

3. Blue is probably my favorite photo. I really love that old car and I absolutely love the color of it. I've taken quite a few photos of it.

4. Most of the photos were more interesting large rather than cropped. Specifically the yellow-orange, red-orange, blue, and blue-green look a lot more interesting in their full versions, in my opinion.