Connor Milton


the order of the atmosphere is troposphere-we live here and this is the only place weather happens in the atmosphere,Stratosphere- this layer protects us from the suns dangerous rays,Mesosphere-this layer protects us from meteors,Thermosphere- is the thinest layer of the atmosphere and just barely passable by meteors, Exosphere- is the top and hottest layer of the atmosphere though it is very hot to the human body it is freezing cold.

as you go higher in the atmosphere it get colder then hotter from place  to place as you go higher in the troposphere it gets colder, then the stratosphere gets hotter,then the mesosphere get hotter, then the thermosphere gets colder and hoter in transition alot, but the exosphere get really hot but feels freezing cold

the pressure changes as you go higher and lower when you go higher it decreases you can tell of that because of the guy whose hand was unprotected got poofy in the hand and that's how you can tell if it decreases and so since it decreases as you go higher I  think the lower you go the higher the pressure gets

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