Southern Gold Bloodhound

A "Unique Breed" Pet

Southern Gold Bloodhound

This sweet mister may have some other stuff mixed in his bloodline to make him so uniquely handsome. Due to his beautiful, almost saggy eyes, his shape and coloring, we believe him to primarily be a mix of Golden Retriever and Bloodhound.

The Golden Retrievers are wonderfully kind, patient, and trusting to a fault. Loyal and reliable, Goldens tend to love everyone in the family and all the family friends. They are intelligent and eager to please, which makes them extremely trainable for everything from hunting to dancing and everything in between. While they were originally bred for retrieving fowl during hunting trips, Goldens now make excellent and loving pets for the entire family.

Bloodhounds, as a breed, are even-tempered, gentle, and very affectionate. However, due to their strong  "tracking" instincts, they can be stubborn and strong willed. Training Bloodhounds to take commands can take some persistence on their owners behalf only because this breed is ready to get to work. Bloodhounds can grab human scents days after a person has passed through an area and track the scent for miles. The name "Bloodhound" is thought to mean "Blood-seeking Hound" by most people today, but it actually came from the 14th century meaning "Hound of Pure or Noble Blood"

Both breeds require weekly brushing and baths around once a month or when needed. Both breeds need regular exercise to avoid unhealthy weight gain.

*breed mix is not guaranteed

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