7.17A write a multi-paragraph essay topic that presents effective introductions and concluding paragraphs, contains a clearly stated purpose or controlling idea, is logically organized with appropriate facts and details and no extraneous information or consistencies, accurately synthesizes ideas from several sources, and uses a variety of sentence structures, rhetorical devices, and transitions to link paragraphs

Want to know how this looks on the STAAR test? OF COURSE you do! See the box below. These are called "Question Stems" and this is how the test will ask you about 7.17A.

What is the BEST way to combine sentences x and x?

_____ wants to provide a better closing for the second paragraph (sentences x-x). Which of these could be added?

_____ would like to add a sentence to support the idea he has presented in sentence x. Which of these could BEST follow and support sentence x?

What is the BEST way to revise sentence x?

What is the most effective revision to make in sentence x?

_____ wants to end her paper with a quotation from Bindi Irwin. Which of these quotations could follow sentence x and most effectively close this paper?

_____ needs to establish a more effective controlling idea in her paper. Which rewrite of sentence x can BEST accomplish this goal?

_____ would like to add a phrase to the beginning of sentence x to help transition from the third paragraph (sentences x-x) to the fourth paragraph (sentences x-x). Which of the following could Nikki add to the beginning of sentence x to achieve this goal?

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