Censoring Music: A Threat or Benefit to a Form of Art?

What is censorship?

Censorship is the suppression of any publication such as books, plays, television, and radio programs due to it being objectionable or offensive.

The Controversy:

From Elvis to Eminem, the issue regarding whether music should be censored has been around since the 20th century when music made its appearance in the radio. People have debated whether music should be censored due to its influence on the use of drugs, alcohol and its corruption on the morals of the young.

The History: During the 1920s people complained about jazz musicians but nothing too serious since the radio wasn't available to everyone at the time. However, during the 1950s, the radio gave more access to new types of music that challenged morality and traditional music.

My Position: I am against censorship. Censoring music will not make someone stop believing or saying something  Censoring music would have too many negative effects that will do us harm instead of helping us.


For : Censoring music takes away our 1st Amendment (freedom of speech). It takes away our chance to express ourselves and also takes away our opportunity to listen to anything we want.

Music connects us. Music speaks words we sometimes cant speak. From the deep south of America to the bustling cities in Japan people share the same taste for music or artist. Removing an artist words would remove the fill music occupies in someone's emotions. Removing that, the sense of comfort inside someone will be lost.

Censoring music will not stop profanity or violence . The internet, television, and even video games all use profanity, violence, misogyny to some, if not, higher degree than music. Censoring music for this purpose would be useless.

The effect of music in hospitals in the UK

Against: Fear, There is fear by the authorities pushing for censorship that the music will affect young people negatively and prevent them from achieving a morally acceptable life. Without censorship, society itself, will change.

Morals, Today's music talks about drugs, violence, and even sex. This type of behavior is now starting to become acceptable when in the past, it wasn't.

Security, They say that violent music is linked to crime and killing, so if children listen to violent music, they will be more attracted to commit crimes when they will be older.  

The Future: In my opinion, music will not change in the future.  The radio available for the public censors music in order to prevent children from listening to it, while explicit music can still be bought with a warning label.

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