Apps for K-12 Mobile Learning

EDU 210 Module 9 by Julie Yim


Socrative is an application that can be accessed by laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. It provides features such as quizzes and polls with immediate feedback so teachers can track student progress live. It also allows students the freedom to participate with their device of choice.


VoiceThread can be accessed by computer, tablet, and smartphone. It can be used to share information with audio and visual and can be accessed at anytime and any place. This is convenient for students who are not present in the classroom for a lesson or if they wish to review it at another time on their own pace. Teachers could also utilize this to help with a flipped classroom design: providing a lesson on VoiceThread and having students watch it prior to the lesson so they can engage in activities during physical classroom time.

CertPoint VLS

This app is available for many operating systems such as Apple, Android, and Windows. It can be used to send files, videos, and other content to students' phones. This allows students to be able to view content at any time and place.


After creating lessons, quizzes, or polls with this app, educators can send their content via SMS or email. They can also share it via QR codes or by embedding on their website. It is truly convenient for students to learn anywhere and anytime.


Duolingo is a website and app that provides language lessons in the form of gamification. There are many language to learn with multiple levels and games. It can be a way for students to learn vocabulary or phrases out of class or it can also be served as a review and study tool. Because it is also available on smartphones, it is very portable and easy to access anywhere and any time.