Research & Presentation


  • You may work in groups of 2 or 3 -- or individually -- but ALL of the Principles must be covered by the class. Sign up with Ms. Wolf.
  • Make sure you fill out the Group Evaluation in order to hold all group members accountable for their contributions to the project. (If you worked alone, please fill out the form as a SELF evaluation.)

*  Watch this video to review the Elements of Art and the Principles of Design

*  Refer back to the Principles Slideshow if you would like a refresher on examples of the Principles of Design.

Definitions & Resources

Proportion - relative size/scale of the elements which shows up in the relationships between different elements in the artwork

Contrast - differences and opposites between the Elements of Art

Unity - when all parts of the artwork are interrelated, balanced, and organized to create a quality of "oneness"

Balance - the way objects are arranged to create a feeling of stability (or instability)

Emphasis - Access, stress, or importance placed on a part of a piece of artwork. This can be achieved by manipulating the Elements of Art – often involving contrast and/or location.

Pattern - repetition of the Elements of Art within artwork

Movement - placement of parts of artwork to create a sense of movement by moving the eye through the image

Rhythm - uses repeated shapes/ideas (somewhat like pattern) to create movement

Research & Presentation

This assignment will be graded! Please make sure that you follow ALL instructions.

  • You MUST include the PROVIDED DEFINITION, at least TWO IMAGES that represent your Principle, and DEMONSTRATE the Principle in some way.
  • Must have an "artifact" to use during your presentation- a visual, video, song, artwork, handout, or other object that includes the key points of your research.
    • Potential resources:
      • Visual (Prezi, Tackk, collage, etc.)
      • Video (live action, cartoon, newscast, demonstration, etc.)
      • Game (board game, puzzle, etc.)
      • Song or Radio Show (garage Band/instruments, etc.)
      • Dance or other physical representation
      • Other (so long as it is approved by Ms. Wolf)
  • You (and your partners) must be able to answer questions about your topic clearly -- OR be able to tell students where to look for the information.
  • Audience members will fill out a question/note form during the class period that will serve as a record of attentiveness and participation as well as a study guide for the 1st Quarter Test. Ms. Wolf will have a basic outline, but if there are any specifics you would like included, please let her know.