Puerto Rico? Becoming a state?

- The background of statehood for Puerto Rico is that they have a poor economy, and until 2012 they did not want to become a state. They realized that for the people of Puerto Rico they needed the United States help.

- The Puerto Rican  experience is different because they already have a different culture than us, so if they became a state they would lose all of it.

-Pros of Statehood

  • Bring 7 House members, 2 Senators, and 9 Electoral votes
  • $2 million to US Treasury
  • Integration to economy will give more job and income benefits
  • More independence with personal affairs
  • Gain some say in developing regulations, and voting process
  • Be an open market to sell with many countries around the world, which are in coalition with the US

-Cons of Statehood

  • Lose culture and the Spanish language
  • Not an individual in Olympic Games, Miss America, etc.
  • Changed schooling system
  • No longer tax exempt
  • New American flag to be made

-There are numerous groups, and individuals who agree that Puerto Rico should become a state. Some believe that politicians are voting yes for the simple reason of being able to get more votes in elections.  

-We recently polled 50 different people asking them if Puerto Rico should become a state. Out of the 50 people we polled 26 of them were female and 24 were male. 62.5% of males said yes to statehood, while 37.5% of males said no to statehood. 30.7% of females said yes to becoming a state, while 69.3% of females said no to statehood.

* If more people would have been polled, the percentages would be more accurate.

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