Travel to Jupiter

The sight of your life

The biggest Planet in the solar system

Composition of Jupiter’s atmosphere is similar to the sun mostly hydrogen and helium. Deep in the atmosphere pressure and temperature increase compressing the hydrogen gas into a liquid. This gives Jupiter the largest ocean in the solar system. An ocean made of hydrogen instead of water you would need a jet pack with lots of fuel so you don’t land in the hydrogen ocean. Scientist think that at depths perhaps halfway to the planets center. It balloons one to three million kilometers (600,000 to 2 million miles) toward the sun and tapers into a wind stalk shaped tail extending more than one billion kilometers(600 million miles). The wind is about 384 miles per hour. Jupiter is a giant gas planet. Jupiter has a red spot that is a big storm. A whole day on Jupiter is 9 hours and 56 minutes. It’s really hot on Jupiter so you will need a suit to cool you off. I would also take some food and water with you to Jupiter.

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