Life can be complicated but there's times where we need a shoulder to lean on.

When a person is going through a lot one advice I give them is that there's always someone who's is going to be their for them. Even if it's hard for them to open up they'll know that they have a shoulder to lean on. That's why I always go to my best friend everytime I'm lost or confused. Talking to someone can actually make a difference. One other advice is that laughter is the best medicine anybody could have . To at least watch a comedy movie maybe that will make them forget about what they are going through . My last advice is that to not stay home all alone . Always go to friends or a loved ones house or hang out with them whenever you fell alone.

I'm grateful for so many things , sometimes words can't even describe it.

1- I'm greatful for having a mother who loves πŸ’ž

2- I'm greaful for having a roof to live under🏑 and also food 🍜

3 - I'm grateful for getting a free education

4- I'm grateful to have a wonderful best friend πŸ‘―

5 - I'm greatful to be alive πŸ’­