Naughty Boy, Louis Tomlinson Twitter Beef Continues

Morgan Bowlsby-Sclafani

The first article was written by the editor and chief of Directlyrics, "Kevipod". He/she seems to be taking the perspective of an outsider who just wants all of the involved parties to stop with the arguing. They source was produced about an hour ago, being that the actual event occurred only two hours ago. The prior knowledge I have about the event dates farther back than the event itself. The involved parties have a long history of Twitter fights and straight up hatred for each other. This article was intended for an audience of any person who follows One Direction's music and tweets. Generally, it's meant for an age group of anyone over the age of 16. This article was created to inform the public of a "Twitter War" and to let the people know the author's opinion. The main idea of this article is pretty much the same as the reason it was written. The author really specifies on how much he/she wants all of the twitter fighting to stop in our society. This article is important because One Direction is important so therefore it is important by the transitive property.

The second article was written by Dee Lockett. They are appearing to take the perspective of someone who supports what Zayn Malik had to say to Louis Tomlinson's tweets to/at Naughty Boy. The article was written roughly around the same time as the first one was and it may become outdated because there is no telling when someone will unleash their fury on twitter. My prior knowledge on the site that created the article is that they seem to be a pure gossip blog. They take the side of whoever has the "juiciest" comebacks. This article was meant for more of a younger audience because some of the words seem dumbed down a bit and they take the same side a younger person would. This article was created to show that the author agrees with Zayn and Naughty Boy and "throws shade" at Louis. The main idea is that when someone irritates you on Twitter, you "@" them and attempt to drag them into the ground. This source is significant and important because it shows that people may take different sides than others.

The final article was written by Amy Duncan and she definitely takes the side of Louis Tomlinson in the "Great Twitter War of 2k15". The article, like the first and second, was written a few hours after the incident occurred. In the past, this particular site has been known to both bash the members of One Direction but also build up their reputations. The article was intended for an older audience because they take the side of the person who was actually being victimized and in the right. Most young people just go with the flow. This article was written to show readers that the author agrees with Louis and is very much in favor of his tweets over Zayn and Naughty Boy's. The main idea of the article is pretty much the same as the reason it was written. Look at both sides and evaluate the responses of all parties involved. This source is important because it gives legitimate knowledge and helps people determine who they support in this twitter fight and the many more that are guaranteed to come.

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