Our beloved Forrest, you will be missed. Rest in peace

Always a man of simple words, Forrest was someone we will never forget. His big heart and his kind ways never failed to put a smile on everyone's face. For he had lived a shortened life, he left just as peaceful as he came. As Forrest always said, "Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're going to get"

                                                               Guest List

  • Jenny Curran
  • Lieutenant Dan Taylor
  • Bubba
  • Forrest Gump Jr. (Reading Will)
  • Mrs. Gump
  • Dorothy Harris
  • Former army mates, football teammates
  • Taylor Duquette

Times to Remember

Forrest always loved his running. You wouldn't believe me if I told you, but he could run like the wind blows. In fact, everywhere he went he was running!

One person we know will never forget Forrest, was the love of his life, Jenny Curran. Having been befriends since the age of 7, Jenny and Forrest grew to love eachother. For a short while she had gone down the wrong path, but in the end they came back together, yet Jenny never understood why he was so good to her. Forrest always told her "I may be stupid, but I know what love is"

As people would exit the church, this song would play, reminding everyone of Forrest kind spirit and to let them know he is now at peace.

After saying their final goodbyes, Forrest Gump wanted to remember that one time his dad sent him off to the first day of school. He gave him his lunch, told him he loved him, and sent him on the bus where he would soon meet Dorothy Harris as Forrest had done many years before. It was Forrest Jr's best memory of his father.

After the funeral and burying, the guest would participate in a fundraiser called "Run Forrest Run" , with the team Captain Taylor Duquette. Their team was called " Stupid is as stupid does!  


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