This is the Yemen (Yemeni) flag

Today, we will be talking about the religion, the clothes. and the ethnic groups of Yemen (Yemeni). We will find out if Yemen is a good place to live in. Yemen is actually really hot. It is located in the middle east.

We are now going to talk about their religion. Their main religion is Islamic. There are 1.3 billion followers worldwide. Islamic is the 2nd largest religion in the world. The religion is based on Muhummad.

Now we are going to talk about what they wear. The war will have to wear torn shabby clothes. The rich wear suits and dresses. Men usually wear pants and button up shirts. Women usually wear black and niaabs (something to cover your whole face except the eyes).

Now we are going to talk about the ethnic groups of Yemen. The biggest ethnic group in Yemen is Zaydis taking up to about 30%-35%. The second largest is Akhadam taking up around 2%-5%. The second smallest ethnic group is Islam'll with just a few thousand. The smallest is Jews with .002%.

So we talked about Yemen in this essay. We talked about good and bad things. We also talked about how people dress. We read on how their religion (Islamic) has at least 1.3 billion followers. So overall Yemen is a pretty cool country.

This is a bunch of Yemen (Yemeni) buildings.

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