Parle le Français!

Apps to help with the acquisition of the French language.

Below are 6 Apps that would be appropriate to incorporate into a French classroom for the K-12 age range, depending on level of acquisition.

En dessous de cela, sont huit applications qui peuvent être incorporé dans une salle de classe Française dépendre du niveau d'acquisition.

1. Word Reference

Word Reference is a translation app. Unlike google translate, it provides more useful and accurate translations. It also provides the translation of sentences and allows for the asking of questions to the french community which are often answered. This app could be incorporated into the classroom at any age level for students who are struggling with translation when writing a composition, preparing a presentation or writing a script.

2. Mindsnacks

Mindsnacks is a great app for acquiring vocabulary around specific subject areas. There are 9 games which divide the app up into different units of vocabulary such as food, transport, etc. This app could be incorporated into the beginning of units, when learning vocabulary around these certain areas. The app is made of games too, making it fun and interactive for students.

3. Mosalingua

Mosalingua is a well-blended between an interactive French app and an audio phrasebook. It allows for users to search from over 3000 words and phrases and provides them with the audio track for pronunciation. This app would be ideal for students to use when preparing for presentations or skits. If they are unsure on pronunciation of a word, or phrase, they can simply look it up and listen to the audio track for clarification.

4. Memrise

Memrise is a unique app that helps users learn french words through the use of images and humour. What is also special about this app is that it isn't necessarily professionals always adding, but community members as well. Individuals will suggest their own unique and hilarious ways to remember difficult words. This could be used in a junior high classroom for students trying to acquire a higher level of vocabulary with words that are more difficult and less similar to the english language. It provides humour making the learning more fun.

5. Duolingo

Duolingo is a fun and quick app to use. It has 60 units with multiple sub-units of 7 words each. What's great, is this app is very fast to use. In about 20 minutes you are able to get through 3-4 units meaning in 3-4 months one could learn up to 1500 new words! This would be a great app to incorporate into the beginning of new units. Students could use the app to introduce themselves to the new unit and topic of vocabulary for the first 20 minutes of class.

6. Verb Trainer (French)

Verb Trainer is a perfect way to look up a quick conjugation of a verb that is unknown. For students, this app would be very helpful when doing a peer editing session, editing ones own work or even for use when creating the composition to begin with.

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