the earth, moon, & sun.

~earth in space.
#1 how does earth move in space?

earth moves through space in two ways, rotation & revolution. rotation~the spinning of earth on its axis. revolution~ the movement of one object around the other

#2 what causes the cycle of seasons on earth?

earth has seasons because its axis is tilted as it resolves around the sun.

~gravity & motion.
#1 what determines the strength of the force of gravity between two objects?

the mass of the object and the distance between them determinants the force of gravity between them.

#2 what two factors combine to keep the moon and earth in motion?

inertia and gravity keep the moon and the earth in orbit.

~phases, eclipses, and tides.
#1 what causes the phases of the moon?

the phases of the moon depend on how much of the sunlit side faces the earth.

#2 what are solar and lunar eclipses?

when the moons shadow hits earth or earths shadow hits the moon, an eclipse occurs

#3 what causes the tides?

the changing relative positions of the moon,earth, and sun cause the phases of the moon, eclipse, and tides.

~earth's moon
#1 what features are found on the moons surface?

features of the moon's surface include maria, craters, and highlands.

#2 what are some characteristics of the moon?

the moon is dry and airless. compared to earth, the moon is small ad has large variations in its surface temperature.

#3 how did the moon form?

scientists theorize that a planet size object collided with earth to form the moon.

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