Violation of article 3- Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person

The government of Syria is dropping barrel bombs relentlessly on the city of Aleppo. They're bombing opposition held areas and the armed opposition groups are using imprecise weapons which makes it even more dangerous to live above ground. They cant go above ground or outside because there are always planes and helicopters in the sky. They make it impossible for them to live a normal life.

The article that is being violated in this situation is article 3 everyone has the right to life, liberty, and security of person. This is a violation because their life is at risk every time they go above ground because there is a possibility of death. They don't have liberty because they are bombing civilians and not the armed opposition groups. Also they don't have security because they have to live underground just to survive.

The targeted group suffers because they can't go outdoors and they have to risk their life just to get what they need. The government of Syria is the one committing this violation and they aren't even trying to save the peoples lives. The goal of committing the violation is to get rid of the armed opposition groups. While they're trying to stop the armed opposition groups they're killing thousands of civilians.

The UN is trying to stop the government from further tragedies but they will not stop. The UN has threatened the government several times.  Also the international community has turned its head to these tragedies and will not help. The responses haven't been effective so it is time for the Syrian government to face the consequences.

To prevent this violation from happening we can set an example with this problem so that other governments will know what would happen if they did that.  Instead of turning a cold shoulder and saying things and not doing them we can actually punish the Syrian government.

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