"A" Way to Make Math Work!

Good Morning! I hope you get at least one thing from this session today!

Today's Agenda
7:45-8:00: Meet and Greet
8:00-8:45: Meeting Goals/Objectives/Helpful Web Sites
8:45-9:00: Break
9:00-10:30: Model Lesson
10:30-10:45: Break
10:45-11:30: Lesson wrap up,Questions, Afternoon agenda
11:30-12:45: Lunch
12:45-2:00: Planning Lessons
( picking standards, finding resources, etc)
2:00-2:30: Sharing strategic lessons
2:30-3:00: Share time ( beginning of the year ideas, grouping ideas, websites to try, any more questions, comments, or suggestions) & exit slip

K-2 Goals/Objectives
Star, vertical planning

A few web sites to chose from:

Math Sites for Students

before, during, and after

PLEASE be back by 12:45!

AL Math Standards/ Common Core

Make and Create a Lesson Plan
and share with the group.

Exit Slip