Reference of Doing Market Research in Indonesia

It seems a little overwhelming and costly to conduct market research in Indonesia. That is not true. Sometimes, market research can be done on a small business or a smaller scale for home. If you don't have enough money to hire a prefessional market research companies, you can consider to do the research by yourself. However, when you do market research by your own, you have to make sure that the information you collect should be useful. Thus, learning how to gain valuable information has become more important. When it comes to gain valuable information, the most important is to select proper subjects.

If you are the first time to do market research in Indonesia, there is a quick way which may give you some reference.

Define the marketing problem - Only when you fully understand what problems exsit in your products and services, can you be more specific to figure out a solution to your problem.

Developing the research plan - Next up on the list of steps you need to do is to develop the research plan. With research plan to carry out research which will make it go soomthly. Generally speaking, marketing team will use several research methods to conduct a research. Therefore, you can try to combine several research methods to collect the information so as to reduce irrelevant data. As you need to use these data to make your marketing decisions, you have to identify the right data and irrelevant data.

Collect information - It is obvious that the information you collect will come from two sources. One is primary data and another is secondary data. As stated above, the primary data is closely related with your current marketing decision. However, the secondary data is the information that you already have used or stored which can be found at other sources outside.

Analyse data and form the final report - After gaining the information that you need, then you need to analyse it to make sure it is relevant to your products or services and write up the final report. The final report which can give you some ideas on your business whether move ahead or to say enough.

While, if the money is not the issue of yours, or you are pursuiting an effective market research in Indonesia and accurate data report, there is no smarter than to cooperate with prefessional market research companies. With their plenty of market research experience, which will get the job done as soon as possible and with little hassle.